River Island shoes: my favourites right now

Light pink flower detail shoes, £85

Every couple of days for the past few weeks, I’ve looked at the River Island website. And every single time, I’ve found yet another pair of shoes that’ve made me think, “Ooh, I must show those to the Shoeperwoman readers!” Rather than trickle them all out slowly over a period of a couple of weeks, though, I’ve decided just to show you them all at once, so I can get them out of my system and then move on. Or try to, anyway.

My current favourites are at the very top of the page. I’m an absolute sucker for cream and black colourways, and the little flower on the toe is perfect. The only thing I’m not so taken with is the metallic piping, which looks a little cheap in this photo, but may look better in real life. I will, of course, report back on that one once I (inevitably) manage to see them in real.

Next up:

White brogue court shoes, £75

Another black/white mix, and the brogue detailing gives these a very dapper feel: they’d look fabulous with a 40s-inspired suit! The peep toe and slingback make these impractical for me for winter, though, and I’ve promised myself not to buy any more summer shoes until I’ve saved the ones I already have, so moving on…

River Island red peep toe wedge shoes, £70

I know, Shoe Deja Vu or what? These AREN’T the Carvela wedges I showed you last week: those had an ankle strap, and these have a Mary Jane one instead. That, and the price tag, however, are the only real differences: these are £70, while the Carvelas are £140.

River Island multi coloured strappy sandals, £70

I don’t generally go for strappy sandals, because I prefer the emphasis to be on the shoes, not my feet, but these have a very exotic look about them, and I love the twisted straps: they’d look fantastic with a loose maxi dress on a summer holiday.

Next up:

River Island leopard print strap shoes, £70

I’ve spoken before about my love of leopard print and red, and the crossover straps on these add a bit of extra interest: not that the shoes really needed it, mind you.

And finally:

River Island light brown buckle sandals, £59.99

Again, not my usual kind of style, but I think these look more expensive than they actually are: the gold tip on the heel makes me think of Chloe, or Gucci, or something similar. This is another style that won’t be of much use come winter, but which would be great with a summery dress around about now.

So, now that I’ve shown you these, I don’t need to look at the River Island website again for a few weeks. Or that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway…


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