Don’t step on my baby blue suede shoes…

Guys, I need to get to Dune, and I need to get there fast.

I’ve had a gift care for the store burning a hole in my handbag for months now: it can’t be used online, and I don’t live near a store, so I just haven’t had the chance to actually use it. Now, though, I think my biggest problem is going to be working out what to spend it on, when I do finally make it to the store. I mean, a few days ago I was totally obsessed with these blush coloured beauties, but now another couple of contenders have entered the fray.

First up, I’d like you all to meet Bambi: who’s also available in pink, grey and black, just in case that baby blue upper isn’t doing it for you:

Dune Bambi baby blue suede shoes

Sweet, huh?

Baby blue is one of those colours I find almost irresistible: in fact, I’ve been looking for a sweater in this exact shade for… oh, forever, basically… and if I had these shoes, I’d know exactly what to wear with it, too, wouldn’t I? When I find it, I mean. I also love the little glittery bow on the toe of these: speaking of the toe, however, it’s one of the reasons I probably won’t end up buying these. The other reason is the chunky heel: don’t get me wrong, I love the look of these, but my preference is for slimmer heels, and more pointed toes… which brings me to these:

Steve MAdden 'Varcity' blue suede shoes

These are by Steve Madden, and are also available at Dune. They’re a little less cute, but a little more elegant, and in the battle of the baby blue shoes, they’re the ones that would probably get my vote.

Which pair would you go for?



  • I would go for the Bambi. First of all it’s too cute to name shoes after the deer and secondly look at that glitter glam bow.
    xxx Mel

  • Why don’t shoe companies have a suggestion box for people that like parts of the shoe, but the over all look would be better if some changes like replacing the block heels with stilettos were marketed. Could this type of change be done by a local shoe repair shop economically? Are there businesses that sell shoe parts to the general public so that we could get the part we wanted for the change?

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