Shoe Save # 80: Coloublocking, Take 3

colourblock winter outfit

SHOES: Sam Edleman over-the-knee boots (c/o Shopbop)
SAVED: Monday, January 9th, 2012
WITH: Topshop skirt, Primark sweater (gift), H&M coat, Michael Kors watch c/o Shopbop), Gucci sunglasses

It’s Shoe Save 80, everyone! And that means that we’re finally – FINALLY – in the home stretch. I don’t think my shoe collection will go over 90 before the end of the challenge on Valentine’s Day, but then again, I didn’t think it would go over 80, either, so I’m not going to swear to it…

This outfit is basically the winter version of this one, in which I discovered my love of pairing green and blue in the same outfit. It was also partly inspired by the Diane Von Furstenberg Fall 2011 runway, which used monoblocking of bright blue, plus the combination of slouchy sweaters and pencil skirts. I’ve been meaning to try it out for a while now, and yesterday seemed like the day to do it!

over the knee boots

The boots are by Sam Edleman, and I like them because of their almost-nude colour on me, which lets me wear them with anything and everything – well, almost.

Sam Edleman boots

This is the first time I’ve managed to take photos outdoors in I don’t know how long. Yay for very slightly warmer weather! And, of course, for reaching the landmark moment of Shoe Save # 80! The end is almost in sight…



  • I have no words! I loved everything about the outfit. The sweater, the coat, the colors, the over the knee boots. And the outdoor pics! I like that the sweater is almost exactly the same color as the skirt, cause it makes it look like like a dress. And wearing boots with this long skirt, reminded me of Victoria Beckham….And I think I’ve already told you how much I love her style!
    And in fear of sounding like a groupie or something, I love your style too. So much that you’re the only blogger my bf knows by name. hehe

    • Oh wow, that’s an amazing compliment, thanks so much! I was actually a bit disappointed when I looked back at these shots, because the colour of the skirt and sweater looked even closer in the mirror – it was only when I got into the natural light that I noticed they were a bit off! I’m just happy to get outdoors, though!

  • Personally (please don’t take this the wrong way) I don’t understand why you include the newest shoes in the shoesave. I understood the shoesave as a way to clean out your collection and make sure you use some under-used shoes, but shoes you’ve bought in the end of the shoesave should really count as saves for the next possible shoe save, as you havent had time to even think about using/not using them. (especially since most of them sound like post-February type shoes)

    Even though I love seeing your style-pics and look forward to every shoesave, I think you should give yourself an out and just focus on saving your “old” shoes, and let the new ones shine (for yourself) during spring/summer.

    Please don’t take it the wrong way, I just feel bad that you’re sounding so stressed..

    • Oh, I didn’t mean to sound stressed – it’s just that I’ve done two challenges back-to-back now, and I think with any long project there’s going to be a sense of relief when it’s nearing the end!

      As for the newer shoes, I’ve included them purely because that was part of the rules I set at the beginning of the challenge, and I felt like it would be cheating if I changed the rules right at the very end just to suit myself. And I’m not planning on featuring my own shoes (or not all of them, anyway) here once the challenge is over, so I think I just got a bit OCD about completing it without cheating 🙂 I will possibly just do shoe shots for the last few, though, to make it at little easier on myself!

  • Great style! Beautiful colors! And yay for being able to take pics outdoors! It means The weather is getting better there!
    I loved the jumper, the coat and the boots! Really very elegant ones!
    I can’t wait to wear boots again!

  • I absolutely LOVE that second photo (it’s so sweet with the background in black & white and your colorful self:)))
    btw, does this mean you wont be doing the challenge next year?

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