Shoe Save # 79: Instagram Evening

black patent shoes

SHOES: Black patent pumps (Christmas gift from parents)
SAVED: Sunday, January 8th, 2011
WITH:  Black trousers (J Crew); top (Topshop); blazer (H&M, also a Christmas gift); clutch bag (Accessorize); watch (Gucci)

This weekend was a bit of a failure as far as shoe-saving was concerned. I had intended to save a pair each day, but on Saturday I didn’t leave myself enough time to take photos before I went out, and although I did leave time on Sunday, the fact that I didn’t have to wear shoes (or, indeed, makeup, for that matter) until we went out in the evening meant that the light was so bad all of the photos ended up a dark, blurry mess.

I couldn’t let the weekend pass without at least one shoe save, though, so I’m resorting to showing you some Instagram shots, which are at least supposed to look a bit grainy and weird. To say I’m looking forward to being able to just wear my shoes again without having to worry about photographing them would be an understatement!

The shoes and blazer in this post were both Christmas gifts from my parents: I’m lucky that my mum and I have almost exactly the same taste, so they’re pretty good at picking out things I’ll like (the blazer was probably easier, mind you, given that my mum had watched me try it on and drool over it a few weeks before Christmas!). I couldn’t resit getting all matchy-matchy with the Accessorize clutch bag from my New Year’s Eve outfit, too!

This outfit would’ve been a little too cold as it was for this time of year, so I threw a coat over the top for the short journey from car to restaurant: it’s actually been quite mild for January, though, which is good news considering the new peep toes that may or may not have found their way into my collection recently…

I can’t believe I’m almost at Shoe Save # 80! And I’m just a little bit freaked out that I still have so many pairs left to go…


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