Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 29 – High Tea at the Grand Floridian

What: Tan peep toes from Barratts (gifted)
When: Monday, June 7th, 2010
Where: High Tea at the Grand Floridian
With: yellow sundress (a gift from my parents)

Just taking the opportunity to squeeze in as many Shoe Challenges as I can, before I have to return to the land of rain and practical shoes!

These were taken earlier this week at the Grand Floridian, which is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve seen. Don’t worry, I didn’t take the rose along with me – the waitress gave one each to me and my mum after our high tea, which was a very decadent kind of meal, with champagne, chocolate, and, of course tea… (I had the Mad Hatter blend, which I can thoroughly recommend.)

(It was windy on the boat dock afterwards: I had more than a couple of Marilyn Monroe moments in that dress!)

(That’s a cardigan in my hand, by the way, not some bizarre clutch bag. I always take one with me because the air-con inside buildings here is normally way too cold for me, but this hotel got it just right, so no cardigan was required…)

(That’s the Disney Monorail you can see in the background…)


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