Shoe Save # 78: Jeans n’ Sweater

blue suede shoes

SHOES: Zara blue suede-effect court shoes (buy here)
SAVED: Friday, January 6th, 2012
WITH: Topshop jeans; Primark sweater (gift from my parents); Michael Kors watch (c/o Shopbop)

As you can see, I’m still taking a super-casual approach to dressing these days: I don’t think it gets much duller than the good ol’ jeans-and-a-sweater combo, but as I said last week, January is a time for comfort-clothes and dressing down: or, at least, it is for me!

These shoes were an impulse purchase in the Zara sale… I was actually ordering another pair of shoes (which will be saved soon!), and before I hit the “checkout” button, I decided to take a quick look around, as I always do, to see if there was anything else I wanted while I was there. (I tell myself this saves on shipping costs if I decide I want something else later, but it’s really just an excuse to look at more shoes…) These were on sale for just £12.99, so they found their way into my bag, too: well, I can always use a simple pair of pumps, right?

The green soles were a pleasant surprise when I opened the box the next week. A less pleasant surprise, however, was when a duplicate order appeared at my door the next day, with Zara having somehow managed to send me (and bill me for!) the same thing twice. I ended up with FOUR PAIRS of shoes – two identical pairs – but not for long: thankfully Zara send a courier to collect returns, so I’m awaiting his arrival as I write this, so I can get my refund: I mean, I like the shoes, but not enough to want two pairs of them!

The pointed toe and lack of platform is a little bit of a departure for me, but I think I’ll be wearing this kind of style more often this year: it’s good to have a break from platforms every now and again!

Now, which pair will I save next?

(P.S. There are some out-takes from these photos over here, if you want to see them!)


  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous hair as usual, and I love that color, for the shoes and jumper and even being pointed, I started to like the shape… I knew it would happen one day!
    You were luckier about Zara. I bought, in November, a pair of trousers, sent back and they wrote me saying they didn’t find the trousers. Although I have the receipt, they didn’t refund me – £44. I know I’m just one client, no difference for a worldwide chain store, but I decided never to buy there anymore… £44 lost, that was a shame, they stole from me, and they don’t need £44.

  • I miss your fringe (purely because I have a fringe myself and so rarely see others rocking one *selfish*), but I think you look stunning!

    The blue really suits you, and I like how you’ve styled the jeans. 🙂

    Oh, and the green sole really made the shoes awesome!

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