Shoe Review | Paul & Betty ‘Poupsy’ pink polka dot peep toes

Pink patent polka dot peep toe shoes

pink polka dot high heel shoes

pink polka dot peep toe shoes

Pink, patent, polka dot peep toe shoes… now trying say that fast, ten times in a row!

These shoes are my Sarenza Brand Ambassador pick for August, and probably my last peep toe purchase  for this summer, too. I actually already own the sandal version of this shoe, which I got from Sarenza last year. I absolutely love those shoes – in fact, they’re one of my favourites – but the single strap over the toe doesn’t make them the most practical shoes I own, and I’d always had a hankering for the peep toe version too, so when I noticed my size was low in stock, I figured it was now or never!

Because I already owned the sister shoes to these, I knew exactly what I’d be getting, which is a lightweight, patent pump which is slightly more pink in real life than it looks in the product shots on the Sarenza website. This is my 3rd pair of Paul & Betty shoes (It’s fair to say I like this brand rather a lot, then…) so I knew the sizing is pretty accurate, and had no qualms about ordering my usual size 4, which fit perfectly.

In person, these shoes were everything I was expecting. I love the fun, polka-dot print, which gives the shoe something of a “pin up” feel. So far I’ve only worn them with jeans, because the rest of my clothes haven’t exactly been organised after the move, but I can see myself wearing them constantly with skirts and dresses, too. They’re very lightweight, and although the heel is fairly high, at 1.5cm, there’s also a small covered platform to balance it out, and I haven’t found them difficult to walk in.

These are £172 at Sarenza, which is pretty pricey, but they did go down in price in the last sale (Which, yes, is totally when I SHOULD have ordered them), so there’s always the chance of them being reduced again. Very unusually for shoes in the UK, these go as as small as UK size 2.5, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen from a non-specialist brand, so if you have small feet, your luck is in. On the flip side of that, however, if you’re looking for a larger size, I bear the bad news that Sarenza’s current stock only runs to a UK 5.5 – sorry!

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All you need is love and shoes

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