Buffalo ‘Bune’ monochrome stripe slingbacks

black and wite stripe slingback shoes monochrome stripe shoes

I don’t know about you, but I’m not done with the monochrome trend just yet (In fact, I probably never will be: I’ve always been a sucker for black and white…) so I’m pleased to see it continuing into the autumn/winter season, with some closed-toe shoes in bold prints.

These ones are by Buffalo, whose latest collection is one of their best yet, I think. I’ve already shown you their fabulous blue bow shoes, and these are just as striking, with their slingback shape and pointed toes. Although the slingback strap means these probably won’t see you through the coldest days of the winter, they’ll be perfect for fall, and even next spring, and the fact that they’re reasonably priced, at just £84, makes them even more attractive.

I’d wear these with either pencil skirts or cropped pants for an effortlessly elegant look which gives a nod to current trends without being SO trendy it’ll look dated in six month’s time.

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