Report Signature Alvahs Suede Pumps

I thought these shoes were a good example of the colourblock look, for those who like the idea of it, but aren’t crazy about the wildly clashing colours so often used in it. By using two shades from the same palette, Report Signature have managed to keep things interesting, but still keeping them fairly restrained and wearable. I think the plum/pink combo is very winter-appropriate, too and I’m also a fan of the heel, which has a very slight curve to it: again, it’s different, but not so different that it would be hard to wear.

What do you think of these? They’re $175 at Shopbop, and you can click here to buy them.


  • I’m not generally a fan of chunky heels, mostly because I find they disrupt the overall “look” of the shoe. To me, high heels are inherently sexy and chunky heels just aren’t sexy. But this is the kind of chunky heel that I like, when the heel is the focal point. Therefore it doesn’t look unbalanced between the sexiness of the shoe and the thickness of the heel.

    I still hate color blocking, though.

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