Leather look over the knee boots from New Look


Being the savvy shoe lovers you are, I know no one reading this needs me to remind them that over-the-knee boots are THE THING this winter. And so it was that over the weekend I found myself trying on these ones from New Look. FOR YOU, readers. I did it FOR YOU. I try these things on so you don’t have to, you see? You’re welcome.

Anyway, I should say here that I actually already own and love a pair of over-the-knee boots, although mine are a mock-suede rather than a mock leather, and they don’t have a platform. Somehow I think the suede makes this style easier to wear: it’s just much softer than leather, and has a slouchier and more casual feel to it which these boots lack. Because, not to put too fine a point on it, these boots made me look like a prostitute. Yes they did. And even although there was a part of me that loved them, there was no getting away from that fact, which is why I found it fairly easy to resist buying them.

In fairness, the “prostitute” effect of these was heightened by the fact that I was forced to try them on over my jeans. (It was either that or whip said jeans off in the middle of store, and some stores can just be so PICKY about nudity, don’t you find?) If you do want to give them a go (and they’re actually really lovely boots, good quality and could pass for real leather), I’d suggest something softer and looser with them: a knit dress would work, although personally I’d make sure the hem hit on the knee or just above it: you’ll still get the effect of long leather legs, but you won’t look like a lady of the night.

These are £50, which I think is a good price for over-the-knee boots, even ones that aren’t leather, and although they’re out of stock at the New Look website*, they had lots of pairs in-store, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding yourself a pair.

* The website describes them as “knee high” for some reason, but they’re most definitely over-the-knee!


  • “Tried on over knee boots. Izaak said “theyre not really you, they look rough… Youre not a rough momma” thats me put off that trend 2:30 PM Sep 5th from TwitterFon”

    The very same ones that you speak of!!
    Oh and btw I’ve 5’6 (32″ leg) and the New Look ones were that awkward “just over knee, but not really enough to be comfy there” so probably best to avoid unless you’re a 5’5 er and under

    However I have since become the owner of a flatish over the knee pair from Office via good aul Ebay, and I have to say I love them, not even a whiff of prossie about them. I think it’s the lack of dominatrix heel/ platform that saves them.
    .-= dressjunkie´s last blog ..Suited & Booted =-.

  • I really don’t get this whole over the knee boots thing…I’m yet to see someone wearing them, celebs and models included, that doesn’t look like they’re about to hang about in some back alley looking for business…But maybe I’m the only one thats not seen anyone getting away with wearing them…


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