Dorothy Perkins forest green pointed ankle boots

Dorothy Perkins forest green ankle boots

THE SHOES: Dorothy Perkins forest green ankle boots, £27.30 (sale price)

The Dorothy Perkins mid-season sale started yesterday, which was actually a bit of a bummer for me, given that, just one day earlier, I’d tweeted about my purchase of these gold shoe boots from the site. Which subsequently went on sale, for less than I’d paid for them. It’s always the way of things, isn’t it?

Oh, well: luckily for me, I’d used a discount code, so the difference was only a few pounds: and I DID feature those particular boots in my 5 Reasons to Love Shoe Boots post a few weeks ago, so I really HAD to buy them, didn’t I? That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it, anyway. A sale’s a sale, though, and as many more shoes on the site are currently reduced in price, I didn’t feel TOO guilty about returning to the scene of the crime yesterday, and ordering these forest green ankle boots, too. In my defense:

1. They’re my current favourite shade of green – green being my favourite clothing colour ever.

2. I have tons and tons of clothes this colour, so I know I won’t have any problems working out what to wear with them.

3. My autumn/winter wardrobe revolves heavily around shoe boots and ankle boots this season: I’ve been finding them more comfortable, and less bulky-looking than my usual knee/OTK boots, and as they’re that bit more causal than pumps, they’re an easy way to dress down a skirt or dress slightly, although they also look good with trousers:

outfit featuring green ankle boots and faux fur jacket

THE STYLE:  trousers // sweater // jacket // bag 

Although I’ve styled these with trousers here, I also took the opportunity to grab a pair of matching green tights, which I’m hoping will help combat the ‘stumpy leg syndrome’ ankle boots can sometimes leave me with. Here’s hoping, anyway!

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