Two pairs of star-print shoes by Kurt Gieger

KG Kurt Geiger 'Bailey' star print pumps

THE SHOES: KG Kurt Geiger ‘Bailey’ star print pumps, £110

Tomorrow is Halloween (as I’m sure you’re all well aware!), so I thought these star-print pumps from Kurt Geiger would be an appropriate shoe pick for the day. Is it just me, or is there something just a little bit “witchy” about glitter stars on a jet black background? It IS just me? OK, well, if you don’t feel the need to justify these as part of the world’s laziest ever Halloween costume (just add a black dress and a pointed hat, and you’re done…), you could well justify them purely by the fact that they’re a classic pair of black pumps (and everyone can use a pair of black pumps, right?), with a stand-out print: what’s not to love?

Wait, what’s that you say? You’re sick of pointed pumps, and wish some other styles could get a look in from time to time? Hold that thought:

Kurt Geiger Heidi platform sandals

Kurt Geiger ‘Heidi’ platform sandals, £140

This is ‘Heidi’ and she’s basically Bailey’s slightly quirkier older sister. With the kind of chunky platform sole we haven’t seen since 2011, and the same star-print upper, these also have a mystical, magical feel about them, which seemed appropriate for the day before Halloween. Will they be quite as appropriate the day after, though? Star print is one of those things that veers almost into “novelty” territory for me: I probably wouldn’t buy either of these myself, but I think they’d be easy enough to style (in a non-costumey way, I mean), should you wish to see stars in your shoe collection.

With that said, sorry, but I just couldn’t resist:

HAlloween witch costume


What did I tell you? The laziest ever Halloween costume, AND an excuse to buy shoes! Oh, and that cat clutch also comes in pink…

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  • Hello Amber,

    I have exactly the same pair of shoes but from Kookai, I bought them on sale last winter! black suede, same golden stars, same varying sizes, same places, only the inside lining is different. I am amazed that another brand, as reknowned as Kurt Geiger sales a copy, of a last winter pair of shoes.
    My Kookai on sale were quite a bargain, in fact.
    Thanks to you, I know now what will be my Halloween outfit!
    Have a nice evening!

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