Jimmy Choo ‘Tallula’ embellished suede sandals

Jimmy Choo black 'Tallulah' sandals Jimmy Choo 'Tallula' sandals

black flower on Ji,,u Choo sandals

Jimmy Choo ‘Tallula’, $1,995

When I was a little girl, and watching ‘Bugsy Malone’ too many times on repeat, I went through a brief phase where I wanted to be called ‘Tallula’. It just seemed like such an exotic, glamorous name, and that’s why I think it’s a great choice for these Jimmy Choo sandals, which are also rather glamorous, don’t you think?

As is often the case, it was the “on the foot” shot that persuaded me to take these shoes seriously. Judging purely by the product shot, I thought they were much too fussy to work, but while I still suspect they might feel a little strange to actually wear (I’m used to shoes which make my heels feel higher, but not to ones that make them feel WIDER, and I’m not sure how I’d feel about all that embellishment being attached to them), I think they look spectacular on, which is the whole point, really.

These have a 5″ heel, with just a 0.5″ platform to balance out the height, so while my instinct was to describe them as “dancing shoes”, I have a feeling that “sitting at the bar watching other people dance” might be a little more accurate here, unless, of course, you’re skilled in the art of walking in heels. Still: whatever you choose to do in these, at least you’ll know your feet will look good while you’re doing it!

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