Topshop ‘Rumour’ gold cross-strap sandals

Topshop 'Rumour' gold cross-strap sandals

Topshop ‘Rumour’ gold cross-strap sandals, £46

These sandals are also available in red, and I’ve had that version bookmarked for ages now, with the intention of one day featuring them here. I never got round to it, though, because, well, they’re red strappy sandals – they’re awesome (and I bet they’re even more awesome when they’re on than they are in the product shot), but there’s only so much you can say about them – and only so many pairs of red, strappy sandals which I can justify showing you, right?

Apparently there’s no limit to the number of pairs of GOLD strappy sandals I can show you, however, because these ones arrived on the Topshop website last week, and WOW. I was instantly smitten. It’s funny how a colour change can do that for a shoe: the red upper made me think, “love those – maybe I’ll blog about them sometime”, but the gold version made me think, “LOVE those: I wonder if I have a spare £46 lying around somewhere?”

On the subject of the price, I actually just had to go and double-check it was correct, because I noted it down a couple of days ago, and now that I’m getting round to writing about these, it seemed a little more cheap than I’d thought – Topshop will often charge around the £70 mark for some of their shoes, so the fact that these are under £50 makes them even more attractive to me. You can tell by the price that these are man-made rather than leather, but they look more expensive than they are, and, of course, I don’t need to start banging on again about the versatility of gold sandals, do I? Didn’t think so.

Having just looked again at the red version, I see Topshop describe them as “orange” rather than “red” – I’m now thinking they could be a great choice for summer, too!

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