Joie ‘Alvita’ suede sandals


Joie ‘Alvita’ suede sandals, $270

These shoes make me think of 2011: specifically that part of 2011 when I decided to experiment with colour-blocking (I’m not normally one to be influenced by trends, but colour-blocking was everywhere that year, and I got curious about it…), and discovered that cobalt blue and this particular shade of green were really the only two colours I felt comfortable, er, “blocking”.

Now, I’m obviously not suggesting you wear two differently coloured shoes at the same time, here – the image above shows two colour options, not a single pair of shoes – I’m just saying that these are two of my absolute favourite colours, which would make choosing between them a particularly difficult task for me. I’d probably end up going with the green, purely because I’ve learned the hard way that bright blue shoes are hard for me to style, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be seriously tempted by the blue pair, anyway. I mean, I’d find a way to wear them, right?

If you’re also looking for a way to style these, my first thought is for jeans: they’re the kind of shoes that will add instant interest to classic denim, and although the shape is simple, the bright colours will really pop against a faded or mid-blue shade. They’ll also look good with florals, however, and there are certainly enough of those around at the moment, so take your pick – just chose a print that contains the colour of the shoe, if you want to make them even easier to style.

These have a suede upper, which should make them nice and soft against the skin, and a reasonably thick ankle strap, which is necessary with this kind of strappy style, reducing the chances of them falling off your feet when you walk – not a good look on anyone!


  • Love the colours! Funny you say that about the blue shoes, I have a pair of cobalt blue heels that I wasn’t sure what I’d wear with, and I have literally worn them to death – literally – they are hanging together with sole repairs and gel foot pads. Might be time to give them up for another pair!

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