Sale Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti black bow court shoes

When I feature Giuseppe Zanotti here, it tends to be for some weird and wonderful design, so I thought today I’d show you one of the designer’s simpler styles, in the shape of these wonderful black court shoes.

Black pumps are actually quite difficult to get right. You’d think by virtue of the fact that they’re one of  the most commonly seen styles, they’d also be one of the easiest, but nope: it’s the very simplicity of this style that can make it difficult, because if you’re not careful, the black pump can end up just being dull.

I don’t think these ones are dull:

The arch is sexy, the stiletto is slender, and then there’s the bow:

Perfect. These are real “go with anything most things” shoes, and they’re also down to $325 at Zappos, so if you fancy grabbing a pair, click here.


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