I Love Shoes ‘Phowner’ classic patent peep toes

I love Shoes black patent peep toes

nude patent peep toe shoes with high heel

I Love Shoes patent peep toes, £39

Now, I know that on the face of it, these are just a pair of patent peep toes, which are the kind of shoes you’d think you’d be able to find EVERYWHERE. You’d be wrong about that, though, because as we all know, often it’s the simplest styles that are the hardest to find (Or the hardest for brands to do really well…), which is why I pounced on these ones as soon as I saw them. In a virtual sense, obviously.

At first glance, I assumed these were probably going to be pretty expensive. The shape is so perfectly simple that it’s the kind of thing I don’t generally expect to find within my price range, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that these are just £39. From that, it doesn’t take a Shoeperhero to work out that the upper is man-made, but I don’t think you can tell by looking at them, and I guess the lower price means you might not have to choose between the two colours.

The heel, meanwhile, is just over 4″. Judging by the photo, I had judged it to be at least an inch higher than that, and that made me a little wary of these, because, in my experience, a 5″ heel with no platform can be torture to try and walk in. (Not that I’ve ever let that stop me…) Four inches is at the upper limit of what’s “comfortable” (I use that word in its loosest sense, of course…), but hopefully these shouldn’t be quite the ankle breakers they may appear to be.

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