Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede Mary Jane pumps

blue high heel mary jane shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood Mary Janes, £511

You know those times when you find a pair of shoes (or a dress, or anything really…) which are ALMOST perfect, but for one, tiny little niggling detail? This is one of those times.

The colour of these Nicholas Kirkwood shoes is amazing.

The front of the shoe, with it’s Mary Jane strap and covered button? Also amazing.

The contrast between the suede upper and metallic leather of the heel? Love it.

But then there’s the heel itself:

blue high heel mary jane shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood uses this style of heel a lot, and I know it’s probably an attempt to create something totally different and usual. Honestly, though, I sometimes wish designers would just leave well alone when it comes to heel, because I honestly don’t think anything looks half as good as the classic stiletto, in all its simplicity. This particular shape always makes me think the heel has snapped at some point, and then been badly glued together again, and although I love everything else about the shoe, that little tiny detail puts me off.

What about you? Does the heel shape add to, or detract from, this shoe?

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  • I can say I’d appreciate the classic, clean lines that you desire. The “hump” as it were is, well, not helpful. The shoe is otherwise rather amazing. The color, the contrast, all of it. But I’m with you here, Amber, the heel is a bit … off. And why buy shoes that are a bit off?

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