Poetic Licence Little Bow Peep Toe shoes

Speaking of festive shoes, how about these ones, from Poetic Licence? The bow peep toe style is nothing new, obviously, but it’s been executed particularly well here, with the angle of the bow making these particularly cute (and hiding a lot of the toe by the looks of it, which I guess could be a good thing if you haven’t had time for a pedicure!).

I also really like the champagne colour of these, which will work with almost everything: the  fabric uppers also add an interesting touch of texture, and gives the shoe a very “dressed up” look.

These are $97.99 at Modcloth: click here to buy them.


  • Weirdly enough I find it really hard to wear champagne coloured shoes. I have one pair and they’ve been worn once. For the shoe challenge. Otherwise they’d still be in the box, I’m sure. Am I the only one having problems with combining champagne coloured shoes?

    Speaking about these shoes specifically, I don’t like the texture of them.

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