Topshop ‘Sugar’ blue patent Mary Jane platforms

I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to think of Mary Janes as a rather “sweet and innocent” kind of style. These ones? Not so much. Oh, there’s nothing particularly outrageous about them, granted, but that towering heel and platform makes for a very strong silhouette, and while the colour isn’t the brightest blue around, it’ll make a nice alternative to black, and is a shade you don’t see a whole lot of.

If you’re not convinced, however, worry not: these are also available in a very unusual apricot shade, as well as in brown, off-white and black suede. Here’s the apricot version:

I can’t quite make up my mind about it. What do you think?

(These are £68: click here to buy them.)



  • Ooh, I tried these on in black. They’re lovely but I simply CANNOT walk in them, not even for 2 minutes on Topshop lino! They are really really high with only a small amount of platform touching the ground as the sole is curved.

    I admire anyone who could manage these.

  • I loved them! But because I will live on a “hill” (yes, the slope would make me break an ankle), I won’t buy them… if only the platform were not so high, I would be completely obsessed with them! Cause they are very beautiful!

  • Janine: yeah they way the platform is carved is really annoying (the Topshop Sakura heels I have is the same way and I wore the heels for only 1 hour during New Year’s at a club and thought I would break my neck and was litteraly clutching my boy the whole time:)

    anyways, I think I’d perfer them if they were wedges. I am such a sucker for wedges:))

  • I also think of Mary Jane’s as cute and sweet, but unfortunately Mary Janes with super high platforms have been used so often (around here at least) as the quintessential stripper shoe (most often paired with a barely there plaid skirt) that these shoes are wrecked for me.

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