Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Maralena Crystal-Covered Mesh Peep-Toe Pumps

It’s one of those “I know I probably shouldn’t like them, but I totally do” moments for me, I’m afraid.

Oddly enough, I really disliked the version of these shoes that are currently shown on the Christian Louboutin website, and which have multicoloured crystals rather than silver ones. These ones, however, I love, and while I don’t normally go for mesh on shoes, I think these would look stunning on, when all you’d see would be the crystal sections and beautiful heel.

Any time Louboutin uses crystals, though, you know the resulting shoes will be even more expensive than usual, and these are no exception, at $2,445. Click here to buy them from Saks.


  • Oh my God! They are really incredible! Beautiful – and expensive… 🙁 can’t afford them, but if I could, I would buy them now!

  • If I had a LOT of money I could spend without blinking an eye, I’d buy these in both white and multi–the white for actually wearing, and the multi for some sort of costume party–i’m not sure what, but they would go with something as a costume!!

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