Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Private Number’ Tissu Afri Loubi

Christian Louboutin 'Private Number' Tissu Afri Loubi

Christian Louboutin ‘Private Number’ Tissu Afri Loubi, £555

Shoes. On shoes. Well, if you love Louboutin, I guess a Louboutin-print shoe might just be the ultimate way to express your love, no?

Those who like these shoes will probably argue that the print – combined with the fluorescent platform and stiletto – is a really fun way to freshen up the standard slingback shape. Those who hate them, meanwhile, will probably say the print is an easy way to totally ruin what would otherwise be a fabulous, sophisticated slingback. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which side of that debate you’re on, but if you like the print, you might be pleased to know that this isn’t the only use of it in the current collection. There’s also these, for instance:

Christian Louboutin platform sandals

OK, not even I can find a way to justify these, and they’re one of the few pairs of Louboutins I really can’t see myself wearing: mostly because my feet would feel like boats in them! That said, the 70s-look is back in fashion this season, so if your wardrobe is just crying out for a pair of giant platforms, these could be the ones. Me, I’d take any of the shoes which appear on the print itself… just not the shoes that print is actually attached to!

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