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Giuseppe Zanotti Metal-Trimmed Cutout-Wedge Leather Sandals, £840

So, I should probably begin this post by pointing out that these shoes aren’t ones I’d buy or wear personally – not just because they’re £840 (ouch!), but because I think giant white wedges with a shiny gold trim would make me feel like I was in fancy dress as some kind of futuristic robot. So they’re not my style, in other words.

They are, however, pretty darn spectacular to look at, which is why I’m showing you them anyway. Giuseppe Zanotti is famous for wedges, and these are definitely up there with some of those iconic “heel-less” designs. The super-high wedge features a cut out at the heel, and is trimmed with that shiny gold trim which is just amazing to look at, although I’d imagine these would be pretty tricky to style.

If you’d rather have something slightly more conventional, however, I think these are absolutely stunning:

Giuseppe Zanotti silver sandals

These silver sandals are even more expensive, at £1269, with a lot of  that cost coming from the Swarovski crystal embellishment on the t-strap.

For something more wearable still, how about  these patent t-bars?

Giuseppe Zanotti t-bar platform sandals

These have a 5.5″ stiletto heel, and although it’s balanced out with the 1″ platform sole, they’re still quite a bit higher than average. I think they’d look fantastic with a pencil skirt, or demure t-dress. Some of the midi-length dresses I like to wear really need a high-heel to make them feel less dowdy, and I’ll generally take a “the higher the better” approach, using it as an excuse to wear the kind of shoes that wouldn’t be quite right with a shorter hem length. These would work wonderfully well with some of those pieces, and I love that shiny black patent upper!

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