Valentine’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger ‘Kitty’

Valentine's Shoes: Kurt Geiger 'Kitty'

Valentine’s Shoes: Kurt Geiger ‘Kitty’, £160

I know I said earlier today that I don’t believe in wearing red for Valentine’s day, but I figured I should at least show you a pair of shoes with hearts on them, no?

The problem with that, of course, is that I tend to show you lots of heart shoes all year round, so I had a bit of a search, and came up with Kurt Geiger’s ‘Kitty’, which are definitely Valentine’s Day appropriate, being bright pink and absolutely covered in heart shapes. Having made the effort to find these, though, I’m now going to have to spoil it slightly by admitting that I’m not actually all that keen on them. This is one of those cases where plastic on the upper can really cheapen the look of a shoe (I have another pair lined up to show you later today which prove that this isn’t always the case!) and this is actually something I’ve found myself thinking a few times now when browsing Kurt Geiger: many of the styles are as wonderful as ever they were, but one or two look cheaper than their price tags suggest, which is always a shame.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, and given that this kind of upper has to be hard to photograph, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume they look better in real life. Anyone seen them, who can confirm or deny?

If you do like them, they’re also available in black, and they’re £160.

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  • Not a fan of the plastic. And that shade of pink is quite sickly. Perhaps in another colour they’d be more appealing.

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