Gucci crystal-embellished silk-satin peep-toe pumps

These are the kind of shoes that make me want to reach out and touch them. Looking isn’t enough.

Don’t they look like they’d have a really satisfying texture?

That aside, these are quite some shoes just to look at. All of those little crystals combine to give them a lot of sparkle, but the dark colour prevents it from being too “blingy” (if that’s not a word, it should be), meaning that they’re actually more subtle than the phrase “crystal embellished” suggests.

They’re also £1,420. That means I’m going to be keeping my hands firmly OFF them.

(Click here to buy them.)


  • I would love to touch them too. But the make me think of some school crafts projects. The the crystals fall of and you have white spots on the dark material. The way I walk in heels, they would be down to this condition in no time.

    ps: thanke you real shoperwoman, for keeping me awake when the subjects at university become to boring for the task

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