Studded ankle boots by Saint Lauren in black leather

studded ankle boots

Studded ankle boots by Saint Laurent, $1,495

It always feels a little odd to be writing about ankle boots in June, but it really shouldn’t: the fashion world may continue to stick rigidly to its seasons, but the way people ACTUALLY dress is becoming increasingly season-less here in the UK. I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising: with weather that’s generally on the cool side, regardless of the time of year, it wouldn’t be too difficult to wear roughly the same items all year round, and although most people I know tend to still have designated “summer clothes” and “winter clothes”, those lines are becoming more and more blurred, so it’s not unusual to see someone wearing studded ankle boots in summer, say.

Unusual or not, I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to wear these ones just yet: they’re actually from the Saint Laurent autumn/winter collection, although they’re available to pre-order now, with delivery scheduled for mid-July. The price is on the hair-raising side, as you’d expect from this brand, but the fact that you should be able to wear them for most of the year might just persuade you they’re worth investing in. Although my own style tends to be very classic, with a strong bias towards retro-inspired styles, I have to admit to a certain weakness for studded ankle boots, and these are a great example of the style I love. I particularly like the high, narrow ankle, which will make these work just as well with dresses as with jeans.

What to wear with studded ankle boots

These boots inspired me to go with something a little different (and darker) than my usual style, although I think they’d also look good with a floral tea dress or similar, if you wanted to go for something a little more summery:

studded ankle boots with green moto jacket

Studded ankle boots with leather jacket:

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