Black dress shoes with bow by Dolce & Gabbana

black dress shoes with bow

Black dress shoes with bow by Dolce & Gabbana, £557.69

I’ve been in a bit of a black mood lately – sartorially rather than emotionally, I hasten to add.

Black is a colour why is often dismissed as the “safe” or “boring” choice when it comes to fashion, and while it’s true to say that it is something of a fall-back option for many of us (The little black dress is popular for a reason, after all…), it’s wrong to dismiss it out of hand, because it can also be bold, beautiful, and full of drama, These black dress shoes by Dolce & Gabbana tick all of those boxes, and have the added benefit of reminding me of the kind of thing a film noir heroine might wear. The double bow, pinned in place with an ornate brooch, is the cherry-on-top of a perfectly shaped pump, all curves and elegance.

Just in case you need further persuasion, here’s a closer look at that toe:

pointed toe with bow

The very low vamp and sharply-pointed toe give these tons of sex appeal, while the brooch looks like something you might find buried at the bottom of a vintage jewellery box, hidden in a dusty old attic. Doesn’t get much better than that.

 What to wear with black dress shoes

For this look, I allowed myself to get a little bit carried away with the “film noir heroine” idea I mentioned above, and went with a dress fresh from my personal wish list: Bettie Page’s ‘Secretary’ wiggle dress: a bottle of Chanel’s iconic ‘Rouge Noir’ nail polish provides the perfect finishing touch.

black dress shoes and bettie page dress

Black dress shoes with Bettie Page dress

♥  dress  ♥   sunglasses  ♥  nail polish   

Oh, and if this isn’t your thing, don’t worry: it might be easier to ask what you CAN’T wear with a pair of black dress shoes!

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