Dorothy Perkins lilac high sandals

lilac high sandals

Dorothy Perkins lilac  high sandals, £32

As much as I love lilac, when I saw that these sandals were also available in mint green, I was seriously torn between the two. Mint is, after all, one of my favourite colours (And one that works with about 90% of my wardrobe as a result of that!), but I got my first pair of lilac shoes earlier this year, and have found them much more versatile than I might have suspected, so I decided to with the less obvious choice for once!

Whichever colour you go for, however, you’ll get a pretty summer sandal, in the kind of soft pastel shade that will blend nicely with so many of the other pastel shades and summer shades that are available at the moment. These combine the single, “barely there” toe strap that we’ve been seeing so much of lately, with a thick ankle strap fastened with a large silver buckle. I know many people are wary of ankle straps (and with good reason), but this one is likely to be a little more comfortable than the thinner versions, and while a thick strap will never exactly elongate the leg, careful styling will help mitigate that “stumpifying” effect.

What to wear with lilac sandals

iilac sandals and floral dress

Lilac sandals with floral dress

♥  dress  ♥ clutch bag  ♥  ring  ♥ earrings

As with many of Oasis’s offerings, this dress is shorter than it looks in the photo, which is one way to make your legs seem that little bit longer. Although the print doesn’t contain much lilac, as I mentioned above, this is a colour which can be very versatile, and which looks particularly good with floral prints, or contrasted against black or white. Actually, the mint version of this shoe would work just as well with this outfit: check them out here!


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