Blue ankle boots with bow by Head Over Heels

blue ankle boots with bow

Head Over Heels blue bow ankle boots, £65

I’m a little bit obsessed with boots right now. It’s not that I can’t wait to be able to wear them – far from it. No, it’s really because boots are such a problematic purchase, and while I’m forever coming across fabulous pairs of shoes which I’d buy in a heartbeat, I sometimes feel like the search for the perfect pair of boots is a lot like the search for the perfect pair of jeans: long, frustrating, but ultimately worth the effort when you finally find the perfect fit.

Are these Head Over Heels the perfect boots? Well, probably not. They look good, but they’re not exactly versatile, and they’re not likely to hold up well against the very harshest of winter weather, either. They are, however, about as pretty as gets for a pair of boots: that oversized bow on the side has won my heart, while the blue upper would undoubtedly brighten many a winter’s day. Finally, the shoe-boot shape means you’d easily be able to wear these with skirts or trousers, so maybe they’re more versatile than I thought, after all!

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