Charlotte Olympia Queen Of Hearts embellished satin sandals

Charlotte Olympia Queen of Hearts Shoes

heart shoes

Charlotte Olympia Queen Of Hearts embellished satin sandals, £625

 Ah, I do love a shoe with a heart on the front! Or with a diamond on the front. Or, you know, both.

OK, so I was a little surprised when I saw Net-a-Porter’s project images for these shoes, and initially assumed they were selling two different styles: one with hearts, one with diamonds. But nope, these are both from the same pair, and I guess the “Queen of Hearts” name should have clued me in to the playing cards theme, huh?

These are fabulous to look at, and I really like the pink metallic leather and little diamante clasp. The whimsical feel of the heart/diamond motif is very typical of Charlotte Olympia shoes, too, although I suspect it might take me a while to get used to the idea of my shoes not “matching”! What about you? Would you wear these?

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