Dorothy Perkins polka dot slingbacks

polka dot shoes

Dorothy Perkins peep toe shoes, £15/£25

I’ve had these shoes on my “to be blogged” list all summer, but kept forgetting about them until now. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because the fact that I’ve waited so long to show you them means they’re now on sale: yay! It’s a bad thing, however, because the fact that they’re now on sale means they’re already sold out in some sizes: boo!

There’s a little more availability with the pink and black version (which is the more expensive option at £25), and less with the navy, but the satin uppers and fun print mean that either of these colourways would make a great evening shoe: or an everyday shoe if, like me, you don’t always make a distinction with these things. (Oh, and if your size isn’t available online, Dorothy Perkins still had sale shoes available in store last time I checked, so you never know your luck!)

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