Valentino pink lace bow peep toes

Valentino pink lace bow peep toes


Valentino peep toes, $995

This isn’t the first time I’ve shown you Valentino’s beautiful bow peep toes: in fact, if I remember correctly, the second post I ever published on this site featured the red patent version. That was back in 2009 (How time flies when you’re saving shoes!), and the style hasn’t dated at all: in fact, I don’t think this look will EVER get old, especially considering how many different incarnations of it Valentino have created over the years. Don’t like the platforms on this particular version, for instance? Don’t worry, there have been plenty of versions without – and if you can’t find one right this second, you probably won’t have to wait too long before you can.

This particular version comes in a pink lace upper, which is backed with sheer mesh to create that delicate, “barely there” look. The bright pink might have been too bold as a block colour, but the lace tones it down just enough to make it sweet, rather than shocking. The bow, meanwhile, requires no introduction: it’s become a Valentino trademark, and has been copied by countless other brands, although none of them have managed to get it quite as perfect as on the original, in my opinion.

The asymmetric shape and puffed-up bow is something I’ll never get tired of looking at – and would never get tired of wearing either, if I was lucky enough to own a pair of these. (One day, one day: this style is very high on my list of “Shoes My Life Won’t Be Complete Without”…), and somehow I think it looks even prettier in pink lace!

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