Fendi blue leather pumps

fendi blue leather pumps

Fendi blue leather pumps, £485

Oh, that colour! Isn’t it just stunning?

In another shade, I might just have scrolled right past these shoes. I’d have scrolled SLOWLY, of course –  the shape is beautiful, and I can always find time to admire an elegant pair of pointed pumps – but I probably wouldn’t have stopped to take a closer look, which is exactly what this beautiful, sky blue upper prompted me to do.

This one of those shades which is bold and statement-making, but in a lovely soft, pastel way, which makes it easy to wear: Net-a-Porter show these styled with grey, which I love (Combinations of grey and pastels are right up my street right now), but they’d also be perfect in springtime with other pastel shades, like lemon or pink. (Just make sure you don’t go overboard, or you could end up looking a little TOO sugary sweet.

My one criticism of these (other than the price), is the slightly odd black and brown heel tip, which almost makes it look like the stiletto ends an inch or so higher than it actually does. The more I look at it, the stranger it appears to me, and it’s one of those details that doesn’t seem to really add anything to the design, so while it wouldn’t put me off (if the price was a little more reasonable), I’d like them better without it, too.

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