Sole Society ‘Kasha’ bow polka dot sandals

polka dot sandals sole society polka dot bow sandals

Sole Society ‘Kasha’, $59.99

These may not look like the most expensive shoes out there (To be fair, for $59.99, I wouldn’t expect them to look particularly expensive!), but they’re certainly cute, and if there’s anything better than a combination of polka dots and bows, well, I don’t know what it is.

This particular print always lends a shoe a fun/retro kind of look, and the little two-layered bow on the front adds to that effect. These shoes are also available in black or nude patent, and while both of those options are nice enough, I think the polka dots help give the design a little more character. These have a 3.5″ heel, which is a great height for dancing in, and don’t you think these shoes look like they were made for dancing? If you don’t want to wear them to party in, I think they’re one of the few open-toed styles I’d consider wearing with tights, in order to wear them during the day. My instinct would be to go for black, because I’m no great fan of colured tights, but if you are, the print will lend itself to being worn with some bright, contrasting colours, too.

Sole Society doesn’t currently ship to the UK, but a selection of their shoes is available at Nordstrom, which does: they don’t have these ones (yet), and the shipping and taxes will make the shoes much less of a bargain than they are in the US, but you can browse the selection here if you’re interested.

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