Sophia Webster ‘Eva’ pink patent pumps

Sophia Webster 'Eva' pink patent pumps Sophia Webster 'Eva' pink patent pumps Sophia Webster 'Eva' pink patent pumps

Sophia Webster ‘Eva’, £540

I had to increase the contrast on these photos a little so you could actually see the shoes against the white background: in real life they’re such a pale pink they looked almost like ghost shoes, so if you’re thinking of buying them, I’d recommend taking a look at the Browns website first, before parting with your precious £540!

The increased contrast makes these look a slightly brighter pink, but it also brings out all of the amazing detail that’s gone into the creation of these. There’s really a lot going on here: from the unusually shaped, glitter covered heels, to the wraparound ankle strap, and no less than four little bows: three on the toe and one on the ankle. The bows are also glitter-encrusted, and the overall effect is of a sugary sweet confection of a party shoes. They’re over-the-top, very, very girlie, and completely and utterly fabulous – or I think so, anyway.

I actually wouldn’t have expected to like this. “Sleek and simple” tend to be my watchwords when it comes to shoes, and I’m not normally into anything to fussy or fancy. I’d make an exception for these, however, because I think they could be the perfect foil to a plainer outfit … and because it’s almost Christmas, and if you can’t wear a fancy pair of heels at this time of year, when can you? These are by Sophia Webster, who is fast becoming one of my favourite designers: her shoes are always imaginative, and never boring, and that’s a great basis for a shoe line, as far as I’m concerned!

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