Topshop ‘Maple’ mid heel polka dot pumps

topshop 'Maple' mid-heeled pumps polka dot pumps

Topshop Maple’ pumps, £35

OK, guys, all I can say here is that it’s a good job these shoes are Topshop’s ‘Maple’ pumps, and not the higher heeled ‘Gwenda’, because if that heel was a little bit higher I just wouldn’t have been able to resist. In fact, I’m only just resisting as it is, and I’m not a fan of mid-height heels at all. 

I AM a fan of polka dots, however, and although I tend to wear them more in the summer than during the autumn/winter, there’s absolutely no reason at all this print wouldn’t work at any time of year. In fact, I think it’s a really fun way to liven up a pair of basic black court shoes, and give them a bit of a girlish, retro kind of vibe, without being too over-the-top. You could probably get away with wearing these to the office, for instance, because while the print is a little bit quirky, the shape of the shoe, and the lower heel, makes it positively demure.

If you don’t like polka dots, however, never fear: these are available in no less than six other colours, including a gorgeous mustard, and a rather nice dogtooth check. I really love that Topshop have started releasing their basic pumps in multiple different colours: they’ve been doing this with the ‘Gwenda’ heels for a while now, too, and although it does make me want to collect the whole lot (Which would be really, really bad of me, obviously), if you really love the shape, then a couple of different colours can’t hurt, can they?

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  • Thanks for posting these! It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Topshop and they (at least in their Prague store) usually just have really really high heels or flats. The height on these would be perfect for me (because I’m really tall and it can be a bit too much with heels…)

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