KENZO Allegra Nepeta green floral sandals

Kenzo green floral sandals

Today I’m taking a mental leap forward to Spring by showing you these pretty floral sandals by Kenzo. We’re still a good few months away from the kind of weather that would make these wearable for me, more’s the pity, but that’s not going to stop me looking at them, and thinking about how and when I’d wear them: ideally on the terrace of some sun-drenched villa, with a glass of champagne in my hand. And a box of new shoes at my feet. Lots of them. Wait, I’m getting carried away here…

These are the quintessential Spring shoes, with their fresh, flora uppers, and the fact that green just so happens to be one of my favourite colours is just a coincidence, I swear.

Like them? They’re £229.50 and you can click here to buy them from Sarenza.


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