Shoe Kryptoniyte | Kotur ‘Gilda’ Gold Leaf Sandals

gold strappy sandals with leaf details

gold leaf sandals

Kotur ‘Gilda’ leaf sandals,$650

The good news: these shoes exist. That’s very good news indeed, because these shoes are truly a thing of beauty: so much so, in fact, that I’ve deemed them to be Shoe Kryptonite. That’s an honour I don’t normally award to strappy sandals, but the gold leaf detail in these is so stunning, and so different from anything else I’ve seen around lately, that I think they deserve the accolade, don’t you?

The bad news? They’re $650. You could’ve guessed that from the sight of them, couldn’t you?

The even worse news? Well, this may or may not count as bad news, depending on your situation, but these are part of a trunk show at Moda Operandi, which means they’ll be available to pre-order for a limited time only. At the time of writing, you have six days left to make your purchase, with delivery scheduled for February/March 2014. I know: it would be torturous to wait that long for such amazing shoes (especially if you’d spent that much money on them), but on the bright side, they’ll arrive just in time for spring, and will be something to look forward to in the New Year, so at least that’s something.

Although they’re very unusual, these are also very delicate, which should make them fairly easy to wear, especially if you’re using them as evening shoes. Gold, as I never tire of saying, is my favourite neutral, and although I think these are crying out to be worn with a forest green (Which I guess would add to the ‘leaf’ effect), I doubt you’d have trouble finding a way to wear them with almost any colour you fancy. I’ve taken a rather fanciful, tree-themed approach with the items below (And a matchy-matchy one, too: well, you wouldn’t expect any less of me, would you?) but I’d love to hear how you’d go about saving these shoes!

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