Oscar de la Renta ‘Sisi’ Ankle Strap Suede Pumps

Oscaf de la Renta Sisis ankle strap shoes

Oscar de la Renta ‘Sisi‘, $775

I came very close to declaring these shoes to be Shoe Kryptonite. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve already awarded that particular accolade to one pair of shoes already today (And, OK, if it wasn’t the fact that I’m far too lazy to bother doing up two sets of fiddly little buckles: first world problems, I know…), I just might have done it.

As it is, however, these Oscar de la Renta ‘Sisi’ pumps aren’t QUITE Kryptonite… but they’re close. For one thing, they’re worlds away from anything else that’s available in the shoe world right now, with a totally unique look which will definitely make them stand out amongst the crowd. For another, that colour combination is TO. DIE. FOR. I mean, isn’t it? Emerald green and duck egg blue are two of my favourite shades separately. I can’t say it would ever have occurred to me to wear them together, ¬†but now that I’ve seen just how stunning the effect of that combination can be, I just might try it.

The temptation here would be to pair such a bold shoe with a plain black dress (or pair of trousers, if you prefer), and while that would certainly work, if you’re looking for something more colourful, my favourite technique is to pick out one of the colours that are in the shoe already, and go with that. My picks are below, but let’s not even talk about how much I want the emerald green pencil dress, OK? It may not be a shoe, but it’s definitely Kryptonite…

[Emerald dress; turquoise dress]

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