River Island black and white stripe caged sandals

River Island black and white stripe caged sandals

River Island black and white stripe caged sandals

When I first spotted these shoes on the River Island website, I thought they were navy and white, and I started getting really excited because, well, my love of anything that could be described as even vaguely “nautical” (In style terms, I mean: I don’t generally get excited by actual boats, although I guess that would depend on what they looked like…) is well known around these parts.

When I realised they were, in fact, black and white, however, my enthusiasm was slightly dampened: only a little bit, though, because while they may not be my preferred colour, they’re still shoes with stripes on then, and that makes them A-OK in my book. Black and white is, after all, a really striking colour combination, and it’s one that will work with so many other colours, too, that’s it really quite versatile.

As for the style of these shoes, well, it’s a standard caged sandal: there’s nothing particularly unique about the design, but, then again, there’s nothing wrong with it either, and there’s a good reason this style has remained popular, while other shoe trends have come and gone: it’s because it’s classic, easy to wear, and never really goes out of style – all of my favourite things in one, stripey package, then!

These are just £35, which initially surprised me, because, while it’s been a long time since I last bought shoes from River Island, I seem to remember them generally being a bit more expensive than that. I’m assuming the lower price point here is down to the faux leather upper: if you’d rather have the real thing then these probably aren’t for you, obviously, but if you’re shopping on a budget, these could be a nice summer bargain.

What do you think of them?

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