Lotus Hallmark Piston open toe Mary Janes take us back to the 80s


These shoes definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re a fan of 80s fashion (and I’m sure someone must be, or why else would the stores all be chock full of neon and acid wash at the moment?), few shoe-makers do it better than Lotus Hallmark.

These ‘Piston’ Mary Janes are 80s-tastic indeed, but you could easily wear them without looking like a throwback to the decade that fashion forgot: just avoid the aforementioned neon and acid wash and you’ll be fine. And if you still hate them, don’t worry – another decade must be due for a fashion revival soon. Surely?

BUY: Lotus Hallmark ‘Piston’ Mary Janes, £85


  • I love them! (So predictable, I know)

    Power stilettos from the 80s were probably the best fashion item that came from that period!

    And after the 80s… they’re going to make us relive the 90s. And I can honestly live without the grunge and the tie-dyed jersey overalls and the boring hair. No, really.

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