Bow front flat shoes from Faith: ‘Aribow’ and ‘Achic’


I spotted the shoes on the left of the picture above at Faith this weekend,  and instantly wondered why I hadn’t noticed them on the website, given that they’re so much my kind of thing. I think the answer to that is simply that this photo doesn’t do them justice: in real life, the bow on the front looks much more extravagant, and the colour is far nicer – they reminded me of fairytale shoes, and that’s something I don’t often say about flats!

While I was looking for them on the website today, I also came across the ‘Aribow’ flats on the right, and loved the ribbon on the front, as well as the cream uppers, which will work with most other colours, making these a nice flat dress shoe.

These are £32 each, from Faith.


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