Eeek! High-top heeled trainers from New Look

You know, readers, fashions and tastes may change, and I’d be the first to admit that I like lots of things now that I probably couldn’t even have imagined wanting to wear a few years ago, but in all of my shoe-buying years, there is one mantra I’ve never changed my mind about. It’s this: sneakers should not have heels. Ever.

This possibly seems a bit rich coming from someone who tends to think that most shoes could be improved with the addition of a bit of a heel, but nope: sneakers should not have heels. It goes so much against the grain that I just can’t bring myself to accept it – and I don’t think it looks good, either. Buy heels, or buy sneakers (if you absolutely must), but never the twain should meet as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, that’s just me, and that’s why I’m not even remotely tempted by these heeled trainers from New Look. Are you, though? If you are, you can buy yourself a pair here, for £30: they’re also available in black, too.


  • wow…reminded me of two songs simultaneously…and both are 80s oriented lol
    one: that old ad with the song “looks like a pump…feels like a sneaker”
    two: cheech and chong’s earache my eye “…wearing high heeled sneakers…and acting like a queen…”
    either way i am way on board with the whole “sneakers meet heels but no forbidden love children mmmkay” mantra 🙂

  • it’s a shame you hate these because personally i’m in love with them. having found this blog purely by chance, i have to say i’m not on board with this particular mantra. i bought a pair of these yesterday for £15 and with some faded skinny jeans(or in my case jeggins) and a henry holland top i bought yesterday as well, i think these heels add abit of kitsch glam to the combination and i think that as with everything else in the world, it comes down to personal preference. just thought i’d offer up the other side of coin =]

    • Of course – but if you think it comes down to personal preference, then you have to allow other people to say they dislike them, too. It’s not a “mantra”, it’s just an opinion on a pair of shoes – if you’re allowed to love them, then surelly it’s OK for me to say I don’t love them? At the end of the day, I’m just a random stranger on the internet, so please don’t take my opinion personally – each to their own.

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