Studded platform court shoes from Dorothy Perkins

Call me crazy (Note: please don’t!) but it was actually the orange version of this shoe that pulled me in, and I’m still liking it now. And I say this as someone who doesn’t own a single item of orange clothing or footwear, and would have happily kept it that way forever more.

If you’re not so keen on the orange, though (and granted, it won’t be for everyone), these are also available in purple and black, and are a nice pair of plain pumps, with just that single line of studs along the sole to make them a bit more interesting. They’re £35 from Dorothy Perkins.


  • Like you, I don’t own a single item of orange clothing or accessories (too pale and just don’t like the colour). But if the rest was kept fairly neutral, e.g. black jumper and skinnies, they would really stand out. I would def buy the purple ones though, and the black ones are a no-brainer.

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