Casadei patent leather sculpture sandals

Well. These are… not exactly the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from Casadei, are they?

I know I’m probably about to be told off for over-use of the phrase “stripper shoes” this week, but I just can’t help it: the white patent leather and large platform remind me of the kind of shoes you see, if not on strippers, exactly, at least on the type of “clubwear” sites that sell stripper-esque clothes. Yes, Great Glam, I AM looking at you…

I will (grudgingly) admit that the sculpted heel is pretty cool, but I think white patent leather always, always runs the risk of looking cheap, and when your shoes cost £477, “cheap” is the last word you want to have associated with them. Well, that and possibly “stripper”. (Unless, of course, you actually ARE a stripper, in which case fair enough.)

If you like them, you can buy them at Louisa Via Roma.


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