Oscar de la Renta polka-dot pumps

polka dot shoes with high heels

polka dot heels

Oscar de la Renta polka dot pumps, $625

I almost wanted to cry when I saw these shoes: partly because they’re just so darn fabulous, of course, but mostly because I can’t have them. Well, they’re $625: that number would need a decimal point in it somewhere to make these even remotely affordable to me at the moment, but hey, a girl can dream, and when THIS girl dreams, it’s very often about polka dot shoes.

These are very close to being the perfect shoes as far as I’m concerned. If I had one wish it would be that the upper was leather, rather than grossgrain: don’t get me wrong, it looks absolutely beautiful, but the delicate fabric marks these out as special occasion shoes for me (They wouldn’t be a whole lot of use in all the rain we’ve been having lately, for instance), and it seems a shame to reserve them for only the occasional outing. Actually, scratch that: if I had one wish, it would be that I could afford to buy them, regardless of the material of the upper. Obviously.

In my closet, these would work with just about everything, and while even I would hesitate to pair them with my vast collection of polka-print clothing, the fact that they’ll go effortlessly with any block colour is another mark in their favour.

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