Zara blue wedge court shoes

Zara blue wedge court shoes

Zara blue wedge court shoes, £69.99

I think it’s only fair to warn you all that things are probably going to be a little more Zara-centric than usual around here for the next few days. My favourite high street brand has released some amazing pairs of shoes as part of the autumn/winter 2012 collection, and things have been pretty quiet elsewhere by contrast (September isn’t generally a great month for shoes, because we’re still caught in that awkward transition between summer and autumn, and a lot of the “new in” pages reflect that), which means I just keep on going back to Zara – and normally finding something new to admire every time I do!

Today it’s the turn of these amazing blue courts, which combine a stand-out colour with an equally attention-grabbing shape. These would probably be best described as a “demi wedge”: that little cut-out on the heel prevents them from being a full wedge, but will probably make them  just as comfortable as one. The angular shape and pointed toe, meanwhile, gives these a very contemporary feel, especially when paired with that wonderful bright blue. I can never seem to just scroll past this particular colour: it always makes me stop and look!

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