Shoe Deja Vu: Mouse flats by ASOS (not Marc Jacobs!)

ASOS mouse flats

ASOS mouse flats, £25

The shoe-loving world is divided into those who love Marc Jacobs’ famous mouse flats, and those who hate them. I’m actually on the fence on this one: I kind of like them, but don’t think I’d be able to pull them off, so I leave them to those who can. If you’re one of them, but you don’t want to pay Marc Jacobs’ prices, these ASOS versions are just £25. Yes, they’re faux-suede, and they may not be the most hard-wearing shoes you’ll ever own, but look:

mouse face shoes

How can you resist that face?

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  • I seriously don’t get the desire to wear animals on your feet (with the possible exception of butterflies and dragonflies). It’s just so cutesy and I’m at a point in my life where I no longer want to dress like a seven year old.

  • I think they’re cute, I’d wear them. I would have never considered buying the designer ones because of the price, but these ones I put in my Asos wishlist as soon as i saw them yesterday. But i bet they’ll sell really fast!

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