Red gingham slingback shoes from Modcloth

Red gingham shoes with slingback and bow

These shoes are called the “In Season Heel”, which is a little bit ironic considering how very OUT of season they are at this time of year. (Well, they’re out of season here, at least: I know some of you are lucky enough to be heading into summer right now. I will try not to hate you too much…)

In season or not, however, I just had to show you them, because not only were they practically shouting out “Shoeperwoman! Notice us!”, they also make me think of summer days, picnics, sun-filled meadows: you get the picture. I love them, and would wear them to death, given the right weather: luckily they’re only $50, so I wouldn’t have to feel too guilty about it, either!

Want a pair? Click here to buy them from Modcloth.


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