Shoe Kryptonite: Tory Burch ‘Chantalle’

Tory Birch brocade peep toe shoes

Tory Burch ‘Chantalle’, £152.50

I’ve never been much of a Tory Burch fan (the famous, logo flats do absolutely nothing for me), but I’m a HUGE fan of these ‘Chantalle’ peep toes. HUGE. Massive. In fact, as you can see, I’ve even gone so far as to declare them to be Shoe Kryptonite, and the fact that they’re currently on sale makes them even harder for me to resist.

With a beautiful, brocade upper in pale blue and gold, these have a truly luxurious feel to them, and a huge dose of glamour. There’s also a slightly vintage feel, which makes me feel these would be right at home in the ballroom of some fabulous French châteaux, although I hope they’d be equally at home anywhere else you chose to wear them. Well, we can’t all be swishing around ballrooms all day, can we?

So, where would you wear a shoe like this, and what with? They’re very definitely party/special occasion shoes, and could even make a nice twist on a “something blue” for a bride. If you’re looking for something slightly more casual, however (Although I think “casual” is the wrong word here!), or if you just like the fabric, Tory Burch also have some matching pants:

Tory Burch 'Lola' pants

I kind of love these, but I realise they won’t be to everyone’s taste, so if they’re not to yours, don’t worry: black or white would work just as well, and allow you to work some fabulous shoes into your everyday wardrobe a little more easily.

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  • We wantses it. We wantses the precious.
    Seriously, I love these shoes. They fill a hole on in my closet I didn’t know was there. I’m too cheap for that, and doubt I can get them in the States without paying an arm and a leg more than the already exorbitant price, but they are gorgeous.

  • I adore them, but apart from bridal shoes, I’m not sure what I would wear these with. I guess they probably could do with a casual skinny jean, but I’m not exactly the jeans type… Maybe a white flowy summer dress?

  • OMG. Princess shoes. I do not see them as bridal at all – more something to go with a ball gown or a full-skirted cocktail dress or a formal coat (a la Middleton) to a fancy event. So much love!

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